Glocal LLCは米国テキサス州に拠点を置く、主に日米間のスモールビジネスに特化したM&Aアドバイザリー会社です。日本人投資家の米国へのビジネス投資をサポートしています。








Glocal LLC is a Small Business-focused M&A Advisory firm based in Texas, USA. We primarily support Japanese investors in their business ventures in the United States.

With the rapid depreciation of the yen and an aging society, many Japanese businesses, feeling the pressure of solely targeting the Japanese market, are considering expanding overseas. However, the first international expansion is often associated with a high risk of failure due to differences in business practices and language barriers.

At our company, we believe in accelerating the establishment of new businesses and entry into the US market by acquiring local businesses, thereby increasing the probability of success. We provide support in this regard.

We believe that investing in businesses that are already successful and established, rather than starting from scratch in the US, increases the chances of success. By investing in these businesses, individuals can gain the right to live in the United States as investors and even seize the opportunity to move to the US with their families.

Both corporate expansion into the US and individual immigration to the US mark significant turning points in life. We aim to assist in realizing the dream of US expansion by leveraging various information obtained from our local businesses and networks of experts such as lawyers.

Whether it’s a casual discussion about future plans or any inquiries you may have, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be delighted to assist you.

会社名 Company NameGlocal LLC
住所 AddressAllen city, TX USA
関連会社 Affiliated companyQuerencia Inc
*Querencia Inc primarily supports M&A transactions within Japan